Romulus Azrag Bey *CZ


Blue bicolour – a 03 carrying chocolate coming from trad. lines
our 3rd generation
3,5 kg at 4,5 months
6,5 kg at 1,5 year 
Romulus was born in our home. He stole our hearts very soon after his birth :) Even trouhg we didn´t plan another boy for our cattery, there was nothing to do :) he stayed with us because we could not say goodbye to him.
Romy is an amazing big boy with really sweet sweet temperament. Sweet and cheerful and extremely playful..he loves to make fun with everyone. Visits are excited by him :D
Romy has a very nice type, a very nice head with an excelent profile, a strong chin and nice ears set. His size is very nice too.. his body is nice long with strong legs, large paws, massive boning, sooo long tail. He has great coat as well.
He is son of Natalie Portman Azrag Bey our fantastic girl, grandson of  our sweet Elly Azrag Bey and great-grandson of Amulet´s Kanisha and Guddles of Merrity cats.
His father is a Germany giant male DE* Hardy Hoedel von den Spessart Raubern coming from old traditional lines + carrier of the gene for chocolate colour :)
Romy is grandson of amazing male Fancyrags Pablo Pacasso.
Romulus also is a carrier of the gene for chocolate colour like his dad :D
Blood type : A 
FIV + FeLV : negat
HCM + PKD: negat
Romulus´s parents and grandparents tested for HCM DNA + PKD DNA: N/N


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