RaggleDazzle Handsome of Bellaluna


Born: 04-20-2009 


Seal bicolour – n 03


Oh my God, I SOOO love this boy and I'm very lucky that he is with us.

He is the unexpected gift for my birthday :*

He has all what I love.... nice head with a distinct curve of a profile, nice ear set, sooo amazing eye colour.  I LOVE his expression, such a sweet, sweet face and absolutely stunning temper. He is like without bones :)))

He has a funny habit. After each cuddling he runs to a bowl to eat. He has many frequency of meals he would have to be like a fat ball :)  


Thank you Lori, that you gave me the opportunity for have him.






Blood type : A 

FIV + FeLV : negativ

Handsome tested for HCM DNA + PKD DNA: N/N
Handsome´s parents tested for HCM DNA + PKD DNA: N/N    


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