Quantanamera Azrag Bey *CZ



Blue bicolour - a 03

4,2 kg in 1,5 year



Quantamera was born in our home. She stole my heart  very soon after her birth :)

She was my "cute nose" :) We call her Mařenka =Mar-zen-ka, in English it means Gretel.She is nice type with long body, long tail, so nice coat. Her head has very nice profile and ears set too. She is soooo sweet and cuddly girl!!!

Her mum is our huge Penelope and her dad is Germany giant Hardy Hoedel von den Spessart Raubern.

Mařenka is a granddaughter of amazing male Fancyrags Pablo Pacasso.



Blood type: A

FIV, FeLV : negat





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