Pocahontas AzragBey *CZ



Seal bicolour - n 03

5,5kg in 1,5 year 



Pocahontas  is our own breed.

She is sister of Pretty Witch Azrag Bey, our amazing blue mitted girl.

Pocahontas is a HUGE girl with a solid and nice type, just like her sister - a massive body and strong legs She has a beautiful dark blue and big eyes and luxurios coat, and a nice head.

And what to say about her temper? She fantastic pet, sweet and cuddly and playful. She requires constanc attention and any contact. She is waiting at the door like a dog, talking to us ans answering our questions :)) She charms each our visit.  

Her mother is our sweet Finnish beauty Wattuwarpaan Taateli and her father is our Noddy in Toyland AzragBey (he is our last offspring of our Amulet´s Kanisha.




Blood type: A

FIV + FeLV : negative
Natalie´s parents are


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