We have kittens  


Born: May 29, 2017


Parents: Grand Finale AzragBey x Taateli 



Colour + variety




 Xander GF      

 seal bicolor  male   show+breed 


 X-Krispeen GF

 blue mitted male   pet   booked  

 Xena Warior GF

blue mitted 

female   pet  


 Xamantha GF

blue mitted  female   show+breed 






Our past babies 


boy blue bicolour                                                    boy blue lynx bicolour 



girl blue lynx bicolour                                                        girl blue bicolour



girl blue bicolour                                                          girl seal bicolour



 Kittens born in our cattery leave us for new homes with following :                

♦ in age 13 weeks
♦ 3 times treated against worms
♦ 2 times vaccinated
♦ veterinary checked
♦ fully socializated
♦ with a petpas
 with pedigree
♦ purchase agreement, health two-year guarantee, fertility warranty


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