Family Tree

 Below are cats that have been very important in our life and our breeding program too. 


IC   Guddles of Merrity cats

 Blue mitted – a 04
3 x CAC
3 x CACIB 
1 x Best in Show
3 x nom. BIS
2 x Best in Variety 
1 x Best in Variety World cats Show 2007 
Guddles is wonderful  mitted with unique blaze in his mask. He is very impressive, with very strong muscles, perfect type with long body. His weight reaches in age 2 years nearly 9 kg . He has nice blue eyes, very expresive profile and chin. His king appearance is emphasized with long, plentiful and silky coat.
He has really ragdoll temperament. He is my soooo sweetest big boy!!! 
He is the father of many (26) of our beautiful kittens (including Elly, Emilly, Grand Finale). Thank you Kryšpínku!!!
By this way we thanks to Ludmila  for our king.
Blood type : A
FIV + FeLV : negativ







Champion Amulet´s Kanisha

 Blue tabby bicolour - a 03 21


 3 x CAC, 1 x CACIB

 2 x nom.BIS ( 2°)

 4,6 kg in age 3,5 y.


Kanisha is my dream come true!!! I was in love once I saw her first pics :-)
She has perfect type, broad head, super side face and beautiful blue eyes. Her coat is fantastic long in exclusive quality. Her temper is soo sweet!! She is our sweetheart.  
She has top pedigree, because her mother is Mourningdove Julia and father is Hightide Lowtide Puccini.
We thanks to Jannie Langhorst for our lovely beauty.
Blood type: A
FIV + FeLV : negativ




Elly Azrag Bey 




Blue bicolour - a 03


1 x CAC

1 x nom.BIS 


5,7 kg at 2 years


Elly, at home "Láďa" is from our own breeding, she is sister of Emilly.

She is girl with very nice type and strong bone. She has a beautiful head with strong chin, good placed ear set and beautiful blue eyes. Her marking is perfect.

She is very friendly, cuddly, cheerful, curious, talkative (when she speaks, always has mouth into a wide "smile" her dad Guddles :D

She is simply our beloved girl...... we are very happy to have her  






Emilly Azrag Bey 



Blue lynx (tabby) bicolour - a 03 21


1 x CAC

1 x nom.BIS


5,5 kg at 2 years


Emilly alias "Kuki" is from our own breeding from Amulet´s Kanisha & Guddles of Merrity cats.

She was one of the cutest babies I´ve ever had. She has super sweet expression - and also such is her temperament....lovely, soft, sweet.... simply complet angel :* She very nice and very heavy type, broad head with beautiful big blue eyes and rabit coat.

Kuki is our sweetheart 









AzragBey Natalie Portman



Blue bicolour - a 03 



Natalie is our own breed from Elly Azrag Bey & Ragbarby Candy Boy.


She is very nice type with good size, nice head, strong chin, nice ear set and beautiful big blue eyes. Her coat is very nice and without color spots exactly by standard.

And what to say about her temper? She is 100% copy of his mom Elly Azrag Bey- very sociable, cheerfull and curious, playfull and active. She loves to retrieve anything and a lot of time :) She is our sweetheart 


Natali is younger sister of Josephine Baker Azrag Bey.


Blood type: A

FIV + FeLV : negative
Natalie´s parents are





     DarlinLilDolls Sweet Lil Gail


Blue bicolour - a 03


1x CAC

1 x EX1 (kitten class)

1 x nom.BIS


4,3 kg at 10 months



Blood type: A
FIV + FeLV : negativ











Ragbarby Candy Boy

Seal bicolour – n 03 

Candy is a wonderful big boy with really deep dark blueberry eyes.......He has a very soft voice and gentle and tender nature. In addition to his incredible size... very long, tall, massive boning, sooo long tail, nice type with great coat. Candy gets better and better with age..... :-) His development was really slow, as you can see below. He is a true example that Ragdolls are slow to mature physically.... 
His parents are QGC Dollhouse Lucky Boy and GIC Dollhouse Angel Fluffy.
Val, thank you very much for gorgeous boy!!!
JaNeil thank you too!!!
We also thank to judge Mrs. Vlada Benina.
Candy will go out of our breed in fall 2013. 

Blood type : A 
FIV + FeLV : negativ
Candy tested for HCM DNA + PKD DNA: N/N 
Candy´s parents tested for HCM DNA + PKD DNA: N/N




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