About us


My name is Jitka Soukupova and I would like to introduce to you my small ragdoll cattery.
I live in Czech republic in town Pilsen. This town you can find in west part of Czech. We live with my husband and two sons (teenager 16 and older son 23) in our house with large garden.
In the year 2002 I saw for the first time Ragdolls in the Internet. I was enthusiastic by them. But  when I had an opportunity to introduce with them closer I fell in love with is them. These cats are splendid, elegant and with blue-eyed and tender, snuggling charakter. After than I started to dream about these beautiful cats. I was dreaming for three years.
Finaly  we moved to our new house, it was decided and my dream started to be reality. After long discusions we finaly decided to establish small ragdoll cattery Azrag Bey registered at FIFe and TICA as Azragbey.



Our cats live together with us in our house and they are allowed to move in whole house, they can sleep in our beds, in short, they are everytime with us. They are our stars!!!  

All our kittens are growup in loving family with maximum care.
Our kittens are usually adopted to 100% serious families in categories :
♦ companion
♦ show
♦ breed
♦ show and breed 
Our Bodyguard
 Gasco Bukovy haj  
Hovawart dog
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